CLP Sites and Partners

Downtown Site

The Downtown San Diego site of the Community Law Project is part of a unique Medical-Legal Collaboration with UCSD.

California Western School of Law has partnered with the Third Avenue Charitable Organization at the First Lutheran Church in Downtown San Diego, for the Downtown site, and the University of California, San Diego Medical School, Department of Family & Preventative Medicine, to coordinate our legal services with the following additional clinics:

  • The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Student Run Free Medical Clinic;
  • UCSD School of Pharmacy;
  • UCSD’s Pre-Dental Clinic (staffed by volunteer dentists and pre-dental interns);
  • Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM);

 The First Lutheran Church provides free space for the collaborating agencies. Third Avenue Charitable Organization, a program of the church, also provides congregate meals to those in need prior to the provision of clinic services. 

City Heights Sites: Hoover High School and Rosa Parks Elementary School

The City Heights sites of the Community Law Project opened in 2009 with the support and assistance of Price Philanthropies and San Diego State University School of Social Work.  One on one legal assistance is available at both Hoover High School and Rosa Parks Elementary School.  Regular community education presentations take place at Monroe Clark Middle School.  Staff at these sites collaborate with the schools’ social workers, as well as with staff at the schools’ parent centers.  The City Heights sites of the the Community Law Project are proud to be part of the City Heights Educational Collaborative, whose mission it is to improve educational outcomes for students within the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego.  Although the City Heights clinics mainly cater to those residing within the City Heights community, all of the clinics and presentations are open to the community.

Hoover High School’s student body of approximately 2,200 students is rich in cultural diversity with a majority of Hispanic students, 40 percent English Learners, and about two-thirds of our students come from homes where a language other than English is spoken. Hoover High part of the City Heights Educational Collaborative, a partnership with San Diego State University, the Price Foundation, Clark Middle School, and Rosa Parks Elementary. All Hoover students are eligible for guaranteed admission to SDSU through College Avenue Compact.

Rosa Parks Elementary School is located in the Mid City/City Heights area. Its motto is “Doing our best so we can be the best.” It provides standards-based education for all students. Staff, parents, community, and educational partners of Rosa Parks are committed to a quality education for all students. It is a member of the City Heights Educational Collaborative, an innovative educational initiative that partners three District schools in City Heights with San Diego State University School of Education, San Diego Education Association and Price Charities.

Solana Beach Site

The Solana Beach site of the Community Law Project aims to bring our services closer to those who reside in North County. California Western School of Law has partnered with St. Leo Mission Church to host a monthly legal clinic.  Many families served at the North County site receive additional services at the church, including medical and dental care.  St. Leo Mission Church is part of St. James Church, a Catholic Community in Solana Beach.

You can also link the church to “St. Leo Mission Church” –


The Mid-City clinic partners with organizations who work to serve refugee and immigrant populations in the Mid-City/City Heights area.  These partners provide a space for our clinics as well as critical interpretation assistance. Partners include PANA, Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans, San Diego and the Karen Organization,

We also participate in the Crawford Collaborative and the San Diego Refugee Forum in order to reach and respond to community needs.