Our Services

The Community Law Project serves vulnerable, low-income, and sometimes homeless men, women, and children. Several of our Downtown clients partake in the free Monday evening meal served at First Lutheran Church or utilize our partners’ medical and social services. Many of our Solana Beach clients are members of the St. Leo Mission Church and enjoy one of the many services the church offers. Our City Heights clients are also parents whose children attend the schools the clinics are housed in.

CLP serves community members on a first come, first-served basis. After signing up, CLP student volunteers will meet with clients to discuss the client’s particular legal issue. The student will also meet with an onsite supervising attorney to discuss the client’s needs and any potential solutions to the client’s issue. The attorney will either provide the client with advice, schedule the client for a future consultation with a specialty attorney, or refers the client to an appropriate outside organization for further assistance.

Spanish translation is always available.

Current Status of Clinics: Virtual Clinics through Zoom

Due to the COVID-19 health emergency, all in-person Community Law Project (legal) clinics are closed. However, we will continue providing legal assistance through Zoom (video conferencing software). Once live clinic reopening dates have been determined, this information will be posted on our website at www.cwclp.org.  For emergency client situations, please email clp@cwsl.edu or call (619) 780–7498.

Debido a la emergencia sanitaria COVID-19, todas las clínicas legales del Proyecto de Derecho Comunitario (CLP) están físicamente cerradas. Sin embargo, continuaremos brindando asistencia legal a través de Zoom (software de videoconferencia). Una vez que se hayan determinado las fechas de reapertura de la clínica en vivo, esta información se publicará en nuestro sitio web en www.cwclp.org. Para ayuda con situaciones de emergencia, envíe un correo electrónico a clp@cwsl.edu o llame al (619) 780 -7498.

Legal Services Areas and Sample Legal Situations

Bankruptcy Law
  • I have past due credit card bills – what should I do?
  • The collection agency has been calling me – what should I do?
  • Should I file for bankruptcy?
Consumer Law
  • I am receiving calls from creditors asking for money – what do I do now?
  • I paid for a service, but the business is trying to overcharge me – do I have to pay the full amount?
  • Someone owes me money – what should I do?
Criminal Law
  • I recieved a criminal citation – what should I do?
  • How do I get a misdemeanor conviction expunged?
Employment Law
  • I have been wrongly fired from my job – what should I do?
Estate & Probate Law
  • How do I create a will for myself?
  • A love one recently passed away with (or without) a will – what happens now?
Family Law
  • How do I file for divorce?
  • How do I get child support for my child?
Housing Law
  • How do I apply for Section 8 housing?
  • I am behind on my rent – what can I do to stay in my home?
  • I received an eviction notice from my landlord, what should I do?
Immigration Law
  • Do I qualify for a green card?
  • How do I apply for US Citizenship?
  • What are my rights as an undocumented immigrant?
Personal Injury Law
  • I am being sued for an accident that was my fault – now what?
  • I was injured in an accident – can I sue the other person?
  • My car insurance is not paying for an accident I was in – what can I do?
Public Benefits Law
  • How do I sign up for MediCal or Medicare?
  • Am I eligible for any type of government assistance?
  • My benefits have been cut off – is there anything I can do?
Tax Law
  • How do I pay back taxes?
  • I have not filed my taxes – what now?
  • I have received letters from the IRS – do I need to answer?